The Permanent Mission of the Hashemite

Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations 

Jordan and the United Nations 

Since its admission to the United Nations on the 14th of December 1955, Jordan remained firmly committed to the organization and to the promotion of the lofty goals enshrined in the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter.

Given the complexities and challenges in the Middle East region, Jordan grew more determined to strengthen its cooperation with the United Nations and all its agencies. Indeed engaging in the multilateral system, including through the United Nations, became a key pillar in Jordan’s foreign policy. 

Today, Jordan plays an active role within the United Nations and its three main pillars; peace and security, human rights, economic and social development. Jordan is a major troop contributing country in the UN peacekeeping and actively participates in the policy and operational discussions on this matter.

There is more to our close relationship with the United Nations. The Permanent Mission of Jordan to the United Nations in New York is one of Jordan’s three posts representing the Kingdom’s interests in the United Nations system. The other posts are in Geneva and Vienna. Jordan also hosts several UN regional offices. The Jordanian delegation in New York represents the Kingdom in the regular sessions of the General Assembly and at a range of UN meetings that take place when the Assembly is not in session.

 The Committees of the UN General Assembly

Jordan joins the collective effort in responding to global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and in seeking out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime. In this regard, Jordan attaches great importance on the issue of disarmament which is dealt with bythe First Committee.

In the Second Committee Jordan participates in the meeting on economic growth and development, poverty eradication, globalization, and other related matters.  Jordan is also involved in wide range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world. At the Third Committee Jordan actively participates in issues relating to the advancement of women, the protection of children, refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms, youth, family, ageing, persons with disabilities, crime prevention, criminal justice, and international drug control.

In the Fourth Committee(The Special Political and Decolonization Committee), Jordan focuses on issues s pertaining to the  Palestinian cause particularly items on the work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. Moreover, Jordan actively participates in the discussions on the budgetary issues at the Fifth Committee and all legal issues at the Sixth Committee including International terrorism.