The Permanent Mission of the Hashemite

Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations 

First Secretary Mr. MUaz Al Otoom Delivering Jordan's Statement During the Security Council Open Debate on the NON Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (December 15 2016)

Jordan joins canada's initiative to call a GA plenary on syria (20 October 2016) 

pr Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous participates in the partner roundtable on Women’s Engagement in Peace, Security and Recovery organized by the Mission of Norway and UN Women with the participation of deputy foreign Ministers of Norway and Sweden and representatives from UNDP, CTITF and UNCCT and CTED. (26 october 2016) 

Jordan During the Security Council Quarterly Open Debate on the Middle East (19 October 2016)

Jordan Takes Part in the Security Council Quarterly Debate On the Situation in the Middle East Including the Palestinian Question (January 17 2017)

Jordan Participating in the United Nations Security Council Open Debate on Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace (January 10 2017)

PR Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous delivers Jordan's statement during the security council open debate on water, peace, and security. (22 November 2016)

Deputizing For His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein PR Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous Delivers a statement During the High Level Dialogue on Building Sustainable Peace for All (January 24 2017)

Pr ambassador dr. sima bahous delivers a statement during security council debate on Women Peace and Security (25 october 2016) 

PR Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous delivers​ Jordan's statement During the Security Council open Debate on Human Trafficking in Armed Conflict (December 20 2016) 

Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous participating in a discussion panel on Health Needs of Women, Children and Adolescents in Humanitarian Settings organized by the UNFoundation, the UN Association of the USA and the Business Council for the UN (19 october 2016) 

​​​PR Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous delivers a statement at the general assembly during the International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people. (29 November 2016)

PR Ambassador Dr. Sima Bahous Delivers a Statement During the security Council Open Debate on the Protection of Infrastructure from Terrorist Attacks (February 13 2017)

PR Ambassador DR. Sima Bahous delivered an intervention during the meeting hosted by the Permanent Missions of UAE and Norway titled "Every Child, Every Woman, Everywhere."

Jordan's Diplomacy During High-Level Week of the 71st Session of The United Nations General Assembly